About 12 Weeks to Freedom

MEXICO, MISSOURI – 12 Weeks to Freedom announced its launch Friday, September 1, 2023, at 6 pm, at Friendship Baptist Church, Mexico, Missouri. This ministry is bringing hope and healing to individuals battling many types of addictions in Mexico and surrounding areas. Rooted in biblical faith and principles, this principled ministry offers compassionate support, faith-based application, and a strong commitment to understanding the struggles and difficulties addiction brings to the person, family, church, and others.

Addiction can devastate lives, but 12 Weeks to Freedom believes that faith is a powerful catalyst for recovery. By combining faith-based principles the program addresses participants’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to assist them in overcoming addiction.

“Our mission is to be a beacon of light and hope, helping individuals find redemption and renewed purpose for their lives,” as stated by Pastor Glenn Forman, of Friendship Baptist Church of the 12 Weeks to Freedom program.

The ministry may be reached at 573.581.4038. Call if you need transportation. A meal will be provided.